Skills Fair 2018 1aw

The UK’s Biggest Jobs and Careers Event

Mrs E Ahmad, Student Career and Enterprise Leader, writes:

Year 12 and 13 students visited Skills London 2019 which provided them with the opportunity to discover careers through interactive, inspirational activities and demonstrations, and helped them visually bridge the gap between what they enjoy doing and what they could potentially do as a career.

The visit was jam-packed and full of interactive, fun, inspiring and informative activities, features and hands-on demonstrations. Students were encouraged to try as many as possible and talk to the different organisations to find out more about what the future has to offer them.

Over 200 organisations were in attendance and all were eager to help students plan their future career path including employers, colleges, universities and training providers.

“Best experience, I am extremely satisfied with my visit.” Callie Burton 12B
“It was very interesting and was a great way to learn about some unique careers options. It also allowed us to gain more insight into university courses and Uni life.” Louise Avery 13B and Pia Joyce 12K

“We learnt about some new opportunities and we got a better understanding of businesses that exist and have improved our business awareness. We were all really interested.” Millie Jackson 12K and Martha Budge 12O

“There were lots of apprenticeship opportunities with helpful staff on hand to give advice. It was a really interesting and relevant day.” Arkadiusz Ochnio 12S